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The LED is the ATC truck cap that started it all. It is a custom fit cab-high truck cover with as much function as good looks. It's perfect for the customer looking for a quality top with ventilation and a limited lifetime warranty.


The LTD is a great-looking custom fit cab-high truck cover with a little more. It's perfect for the ATC customer looking for a high-quality top with ventilation, limited lifetime warranty and a few extras.


The LER is a cab-high truck cover with all of the features in an LTD, but with a frame-less all-glass rear door – great for the customer that is seeking the streamlined, clean look of a frame-less rear door and single handle operation.


The LEX is ATC's premium cab-high truck cover. It comes with all of the features of an LTD as well as the frame-less tip-out side windows and frame-less all glass rear door for the ultimate automotive look.


The Classic Lid is our impressive style lined fiberglass tonneau cover.  This painted fiberglass cover has extra styling to catch your eye.  The style lines in the mold are consistent regardless of your truck.


The Wrap Lid is our smooth top fiberglass lid.  The painted cover has a lower profile look that is sure to impress.  This sleek fitting tonneau cover also offers skirted, trimless, finished edges to improve the overall function of the lid.

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