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ATC Truck Covers has been building industry-leading truck accessories since 1994, with a focus on honestly, quality products, and exceptional customer service. Our no hassle policies and great value are just a few of the reasons why truck owners prefer ATC’s American-made truck caps, lids and bed systems. ATC Trucks Covers products are easy to install and remove, are made of no rust materials, and are designed and made in our environmentally friendly plant just outside of Kansas city.

The ATC Truck Covers lamination process begins when the molds are cleaned, checked and prepped for the first layer, gel coating. The gel coat layer is a grey primer formulated to release from the mold when the top is completed. It also a sand-able material for excellent paint adhesion. The gel coat technicians have a specific repeatable pattern that they follow to ensure correct thickness and reduced waste. The next step in the process is adding the first layer a laminate. This fiberglass is mixed with an unfilled marine grade resin and sprayed into the mold. This chopper operator also has a very specific repeatable pattern. ATC uses a total flow monitoring system to aid the operator with the precise amount of material applied. Once the glass strains and resin have been sprayed, the rolling technicians begin to smooth out the fiberglass skin coat using the unfilled resin which makes it possible to actually see imperfections and air bubbles and eliminate them. The transparency of this layer is because ATC doesn't use any filler in our first layer of laminate. This makes a higher-quality, longer-lasting part with perfect rigidity. Once cured we place reinforcements in the roof and spray the second layer of laminate for exception structural quality, which few competitors follow. The white color is from the small percentage of filler we use in this layer to make the part opaque. The pink is from the catalyst that will disappear as the part cures. Because of our state-of-the-art exhaust system, ATC employees are exposed to less than half of the state limits of hazardous particulate and one quarter of the federal baseline required to no longer need personal protective equipment such as a respirator. The air quality in the lamination department is absolutely the cleanest working environment in the industry. This along with the bright lights, high ceilings and temperature control all contribute to a comfortable workplace, reduced turnover, and a higher quality product for ATC customers.

ATC Truck Covers products feature base rails that are hand-laid with three layers of 1.5 once glass material for a uniform clean look for incredible strength and flexibility. Our carpet installers use an all-weather Foss liner made of 100% recycled bottles. It holds up in the elements and is environmentally friendly. The adhesive is a water-based material with no hazardous chemicals.




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